Best Plants for Urban Gardens

Urban gardening may seem like just another trend, but unlike a lot of fads, it's a trend that has staying power because it actually provides substantial benefits to the average person's quality of life. Even apartment dwellers that live several stories up and have nothing more than a small balcony can grow a variety of urban plants.

Best Plants for Urban Gardens

Getting Balcony or the Patio into an Urban Oasis

Some folks want to be surrounded by lush vegetation and blossoms and opt to grow flowers in baskets on their own patios or their balconies. All flowers are great choices for this. Those with railings may choose vining plants that will grow the railings around. Choices for this include potato vine that is blue, morning glories, nasturtiums and even roses.

Culinary Herbs for a City Apartment

Many people who live in the city are discovering the satisfaction of creating meals in their own homes rather than constantly eating takeout or going to restaurants. A patio or balcony is the perfect place to grow culinary herbs in pots. Herbs generally don't take much fertilizer and only require an adequate amount of watering, and they are often aromatic. Meals taste much better when prepared with fresh herbs.

Vegetable Gardens in Urban Yards

Individuals who reside in homes within city limits are deciding to forgo lawn space. Broccoli, lettuce, corn, radishes, beets, spinach and tomatoes are some of the items which grow in home gardens. When salads are necessary salad greens can be grown in containers and selected. People are starting to see the value in using their yards also, even though the yard is the domain of home gardens. 

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